Hindi-Bhojpuri Film ‘Maahi’ Set for Pan-India Release

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By -शिवराज गुर्जर

 Hindi-Bhojpuri Film ‘Maahi’ Set for Pan-India Release

Hindi-Bhojpuri Film ‘Maahi’

Excitement abounds in the film world as the first ever Hindi-Bhojpuri language film, ‘Maahi’, is all set to release nationwide. Featuring the talented trio of Anand Ojha, Neeta Dhungana and Pradeep Rawat, ‘Maahi’ has been shot simultaneously in Hindi and Bhojpuri, and will also be released in Telugu and Tamil languages.

Directed by Chandra Pant and produced by Arun Kumar Mishra of Katyayan Film Creation, ‘Maahi’ promises to be a visual treat for audiences, and the anticipation for the film’s release is already sky-high.

The release of the film is expected to be a significant milestone in the Indian film industry, as it marks the first time that a Hindi-Bhojpuri language film will have a pan-India release. 

Stay tuned for further updates on ‘Maahi’ and be sure to catch it in cinemas soon!

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